Outside Drop-Off and Pick-Up Services

Please follow these steps for your pet's appointment:

Please arrive on time. If you’re too early you may have to wait, and if you can’t make it within 15 minutes after the scheduled time the appointment will have to be re-scheduled.

You can park anywhere in the parking lot on Main St, beside the building. You can wait by your car or beside the building and I’ll greet you outside and take your pet in. The salon overlooks the parking lot so I usually see everyone arrive, but you can call or text if you'd like.

Payment should be made after the grooming, when you pick up. I can take cards, cash, or checks.

I will be able to give you a close estimate of the time it will take when you drop off and I will call when finishing up. (Most appointments take 2-3 hours.)

When you arrive to pick up your pet I will bring them outside to you.

Thank you for your patience!


This is a small salon doing big work! I love dogs and my goal is to make your dog look great and feel happy. I offer high quality grooming at great prices.

I only use premium, natural products: all shampoos, conditioners, and sprays are paraben-free, sulfate-free, free of animal byproducts, and made in the US.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Happy Hounds Grooming LLC