About Me

Professionally Certified Groomer

Over 10 years grooming experience

Over 14 years experience in pet care industry

Over 20 years owning pets

Hello! My name is Emily and I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I moved back here after living in Nebraska for 16 years. I am a professionally trained and certified dog groomer, and I've groomed in Nebraska for a little over 10 years. I owned and operated Happy Hounds Grooming LLC in Lincoln Nebraska since 2012 and relocated the business here in Wisconsin, June 2019.

I have always loved animals and especially dogs. I firmly believe, and cherish, that all dogs are naturally happy and I work to maintain that while they are in my care. Most dogs aren't exactly thrilled about being groomed, in my opinion and experience they really don't mind smelling like dirt and rocks. Also the noisy equipment and touching all of their sensitive areas is something they don't really enjoy or understand. But keeping the grooming experience centered around your dog makes their experience as calm, efficient, and encouraging as possible so they can leave looking and feeling great. Grooming is important for the health and comfort of your dog and when it's over they really do love feeling clean and neatly kept just as we do.

I come from a family of dog lovers! My grandparents on both sides showed, bred, and groomed dogs for many years while my parents were in their youth. Both my grandmother on my father's side and my grandfather on my mother's side owned and operated their own grooming shops. I worked at a pet store for 4 years before becoming a groomer and then worked at a few different grooming locations before starting my business. I lived and then worked on a dairy goat farm for years and owned several pets throughout the years.

I have two daughters that have been in the grooming environment since they were infants, so of course they love animals too. They are 7 year old Lily and 4 year old Hazel. We enjoy going on walks, doing crafts, reading, and playing outside. We have a one year old St. Bernard-Standard poodle mix named Onyx that we love dearly.